Classes; single and week blocks - None refundable. Please discuss individual circumstances with yogandyou so both parties agree an amicable outcome.

Cancellation of a class/block by yogandyou - Transfer to another class/block or full refund for that class/block.


Classes are open to those above the age of 16. Please if asked provide suitable proof of age.


Abusive or threatening behaviour and language including discriminatory or profane language will not be tolerated, in classes, e-mail, telephone, written and any social media platform. Persons who display this will be asked to leave the class with NO refund. A ban may be placed on future entry to classes.


Yoga classes contain certain risks such as aches, pains and strains and general discomfort from parts of the body not used to yoga practice. Breath work and meditation may be a contraindication, you MUST disclose this before every class. However if at any time during a class you feel pain, discomfort or unwell, you MUST STOP, and inform the teacher immediately.

You must disclose at the beginning of EVERY class any health concerns which may impact on your ability to continue with the class.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, HEALTH AND SAFETY, you confirm your wish to participate in the Yoga class and realise the element of risk of injury. If you have any health concerns, you have consulted a qualified health care provider and they have agreed to you participation.


Any data collected by yogandyou will not be shared.

Every precaution is taken to protect your online security. As yogandyou website is subject to a public network, can offer no guarantee the operation of the site will be secure, confidential, uninterrupted or error free. Yogandyou cannot be held responsible for any breach, unless caused by negligence.